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Tesla J1772 Adapter Lock - TOUGHEST LOCK Available!

Tesla J1772 Adapter Lock - TOUGHEST LOCK Available!

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This is the most robust J1772 Adapter lock available on Etsy. Compatible with the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y (May fit newer model X and S's as well but isn't tested). Now printed with Automotive grade ASA Filament! Ultra strong, heat and UV resistant, the best tesla charging lock just get even bester! ;-)

Prevent people from unplugging your charger while you're charging (crazy how often this actually happens... 😠)! This Tesla J1772 charging adapter lock includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Of all the Tesla Accessories this is one of the most practical.

Printed from heat resistant and ultra durable Premium PLA Pro filament that stays nice and solid up to 160F and won't deform under the sun on hot days. Unlike the basic ring locks available this one can't be snapped off, won't break if dropped or stepped on, and is guaranteed to last the life of your vehicle. Check my reviews and you'll see I only sell the best 3D printed products possible and provide the best possible service I can 😉

This lock (like every other lock available on Etsy) is only compatible with non-flanged type J1772 adapters. The adapter that came with your tesla is non-flanged and most 3rd party adapters are too, so you should be fine. But if it's an aftermarket adapter just check to make sure it doesn't have the raised lip like shown in the photo.

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This model has been modified and used under the creative commons attribution license from

Premium PETG,Love
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Customer Reviews

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Alessandro G
Unfortunately doesn't work with the Model...

Unfortunately doesn't work with the Model S refresh (2021+). Needs a corner notched. Product is nice quality and I'm sure works great with other Tesla's. I knew it was a gamble, so that's on me. Just wanted other S owners knowing if you have a 2021 or newer, you'd have to modify this (which I intend to try). I appreciate the seller and the quality of his work!

Kayley F
Great product, works great! A+

Great product, works great! A+

Sydnie O
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Juanita H
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Lacy L
Wow! What amazing customer service. They t...

Wow! What amazing customer service. They take great pride in their products and services. I would definitely purchase again.