Apple Vision Pro Accessories

This is our Apple Vision Pro Collection! We offer Apple Vision Pro accessories including comfort mods to enhance the comfort of the Vision Pro, Lens Protectors, Display Stands, and More.

No longer do you have to struggle with crazy cheek smashing discomfort, you can wear the Apple Vision Pro for hours on end with zero cheek pressure.

Our best-selling Apple Vision Pro accessory is our forehead comfort system. It eliminates the pressure on your checks and can be used with, or without, the light shield. Without the light shield of opens up your peripheral vision making AR and MR content far more natural feeling, while also eliminating the "Googles" effect and makes the experience far less isolating. When it's time for some content consumption you can pop the light seal for a totally immersive experience.

Our premium Apple Vision Pro face pads are FAR more comfortable than the stock Apple pad. It's made from cloth covered medium density foam that conforms to your face evenly distributing the weight of the Apple Vision Pro while also blocking more light than the stock pad. Use it in conjunction with our forehead pad system for the ultimate in comfort!

If you're looking to protect the Zeiss prescription lenses on your Apple Vision Pro check out our Zeiss lens protectors. 3D printed from soft TPU rubber they keep the lenses from getting scratched as well as protecting the internal display from accidental sun exposure that can cause near instant damage to the screens (the lenses can act like magnifying lenses and burn the displays!).

Check out our Apple Vision Pro display stand if you're looking to keep the headset on display when not in use. It looks sharp and has built in cable management to keep tidy.