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Steam Deck Redmagic Adapter Mount - Options For Multiple Cases

Steam Deck Redmagic Adapter Mount - Options For Multiple Cases

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Normal Back or Deckmate Adapter back?
Do you have a case on your Deck?
This is a Redmagic adapter mount for your Steam Deck with options for use on the Killswitch Case, the Jsaux Mod Case, a "Universal" that will fit on 99% of cases that don't have a kickstand in the back (works on cases like the Spigen Tough Armor case, Silicone cases, etc), and a version for the bare deck with no case .

If you use the Deck with the Nreal Air AR glasses, chances are you have the Redmagic adapter to charge/power while using the glasses. The adapter works great, but it's a hot mess with cables everywhere. This cleans everything up nice and tidy! The ports are easily identifiable so you know where to plug what into (just be sure to put the Redmagic adapter into the mount face up when putting it in the mount).

I also offer a version with a built in "Deckmate" adapter on the back so you can use your Deckmate kickstand, battery mounts and so on. Please note I'm not affiliated with Deckmate.

This will work with either a short USB C extension cable ( or two 90 degree Jsaux USB C adapters ( two come with this and it's all you need). I worked hard to ensure the Jsaux adapters fit/align perfectly ;-)

The Killswitch case option just twists on where the kickstand goes. The Jsaux Mod Case slides on from the top (the kickstand on the side needs to be removed), and the Universal and Bare deck clips on the deck or case top/bottom. The Universal case option and the Bare Deck options body comes in 2 pieces. This is due to a limitation to 3D printing and makes for safer shipping. To assemble the Universal and Bare Deck version just peel off the back of the adhesive, line up the raised line on the clip part with the hole in the back of the mount and stick together. I use 3M VHB automotive grade adhesive and it sticks together great.

I offer a plethora of colors too, if you want a color other than black please send me a message!

Please Note: Orders shipped via USPS Priority Mail Express may be shipped via UPS 2nd Day Air, it's about the same costs and UPS is generally more reliable with quick shipping like this.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: international postal services can take awhile using standard shipping, orders delayed, or lost in international mail will NOT be refunded. While I've yet to have any international orders totally lost, some have experienced serious delays in transit. Please order at your own risk. If you want it quick please use Priority Shipping.

This model has been modified from this: under the creative commons attribution license. Changes made: Killswitch adapter part is made by me (same I use on my other Killswitch accessories), I beefed up the body, changed the sunglasses icon, improved the cutout for the Redmagic USB ports, modified the screw holes, and changed the way the USB C plug end fits (so it has a little room to move to allow for a better fit with 90 degree adapters and so if the plug is hit it can move rather than snapping off lol).

Materials: PLA Pro Filament,Stainless steel screws,Love
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Will M
Great quality, fast shipping times

Great quality, fast shipping times

Vance J
Extremely impressed. Item arrived quickly...

Extremely impressed. Item arrived quickly and was very happy with quality of print and design.

Jarrett B
Awesome product, a must have! Fast shippin...

Awesome product, a must have! Fast shipping, will come again!

Jayson T
Exactly what I expected. Highly recommende...

Exactly what I expected. Highly recommended.

Mervin P
Excellent quality of the print.

Excellent quality of the print.