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Steam Deck Killswitch Case Ball Joint Adapter and Mount

Steam Deck Killswitch Case Ball Joint Adapter and Mount

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Adapter only or full kit?

Ever want to stick your Steam Deck in the Killswitch Case on a phone mount? Mount it on a wall with articulation to adjust the screen angle? Or a zillion other possibilities? This is a great solution to get creative to mounting your Deck in the Killswitch case. The ball joint adapter fits all standard 17mm ball join mounts.

There are TWO options, the ball joint adapter ONLY (you'll need a 17mm ball joint mount to attach it too), or the Kit that includes the Killswitch case adapter and a very heavy duty all steel ball joint mount. The kit is perfect as a wall mount that allows for articulation and fine tuning the angle the Deck faces, can be used as a vehicle mount (although you will want to screw it in place, I wouldn't trust double sided adhesive), and any other place you'd want to screw it too. If you look on Amazon there are tons of options for 17mm ball joint mounts. If you find a mount that has a ball receptacle (like the adapter I have), you can get a ball-to-ball adapter to make it work. With a little creativity there are TONS of ways you could use this.

The base of the mount is 3D printed and the screw down part is injection molded ABS plastic. There is rubber in the base to hold the ball joint securely and prevent slipping, and there is actually a metal core that provides additional strength, this this is tough. The ball joint wall mount is steel and is quite substantial as well.

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Materials: PLA Pro filament,injection molded plastic,rubber

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Customer Reviews

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Sean W
It was a real struggle to attach this moun...

It was a real struggle to attach this mount to my Killswitch, due to a combination of tolerances that were slightly too tight and not much surface area for your fingers to grip.

It was much easier to tighten once the entire assembly (socket, nut, and deck) was mounted onto a ball mount. I could then tighten the socket part by gripping it along with the nut and turning the Steam Deck to tighten.

Visually, there are some noticeable print lines, but it's not too bad overall.

Franz C
Very happy with the purchase

Very happy with the purchase

Anika V
The killswitch ball joint adapter is great...

The killswitch ball joint adapter is great! I've been looking for this exact thing so that I could mount my steam deck onto my bed headboard so I can lay back and game. It is pretty difficult to install, but with some large pliers, it works! Need more of this.