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PSVR2 Wall Mount - No Damage Command Strips or Screw Anchor Versions Available.

PSVR2 Wall Mount - No Damage Command Strips or Screw Anchor Versions Available.

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Command Strips or Screw mounting?
Bare Controllers or Charging Dock?
This is a minimalist designed PSVR2 Wall mount. The mount keeps your headset facing down to prevent any dust or debris from getting in it, and it doesn't press at all on the facial interface to prevent any damage to the silicone face gasket/ lenses/etc. There are two mount style options, headset and bare controllers OR headset and the official controller charging dock.

Custom color are available, see below!

There are two options for mounting: no damage Command Strip mounting or Screw mounting. The Command Strips hold great and are included - 4 for the Headset mount, 1 each for the cable management hooks, and 2 for the bare controller mount or 4 for the controller charging dock mount. This uses the medium command strips with 3lbs of holding power each, so there's plenty of hold with 12lbs of holding power for the headset, MORE than enough. The cable management hooks can be placed however you like, close together, wider, over/under each other, makes for a nice and customizable mounting solution.

If you opt for the screw in version, screws and drywall anchors are included too. Personally I use the command command strip version. For a cleaner look you can trim the end of the command strips (just be sure leave enough to grab with pliers or something if you want to remove the mounts later), although you can't really see the tabs when the headset is hanging on the mount. The command strip mount is a little bit more expensive though, command strips aren't cheap ;-)

The strips come pre-attached to the wall mounts, be sure to follow the surface prep for your wall to ensure the best grip possible. SURFACE PREP: Clean the desired surface with rubbing alcohol to remove grime and dust to allow the wall hanger strips to bond to the surface; the indoor temperature must be between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

CUSTOM COLORS: Etsy only allows 2 variation options, those are used for the mounting options (Command Strips or Screws) and if you want it for the Bare Controllers or Charging Dock. If you want a color other than white please leave a note when ordering. I have: Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White and Yellow available.

Please Note: Orders shipped via USPS Priority Mail Express may be shipped via UPS 2nd Day Air, it's about the same costs and UPS is generally more reliable with quick shipping like this.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: international postal services can take awhile using standard shipping, orders delayed, or lost in international mail will NOT be refunded. While I've yet to have any international orders totally lost, some have experienced serious delays in transit. Please order at your own risk. If you want it quick please use Priority Shipping.

Materials: PLA Pro,Love
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Customer Reviews

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Jakob H
Excellent service, prompt replies on inqui...

Excellent service, prompt replies on inquiries:)

Kennedy B
No literature or instructions shipped with...

No literature or instructions shipped with the item but it seems fairly straight forward

Antwon M
Nice product good shipping. Great

Nice product good shipping. Great

Darian K
It may be hard to put the headset on the m...

It may be hard to put the headset on the mount at first. But like the seller said, you'll get the hang of it once you put it on the mount. Make sure u also angle it, bit of a perfecto kin dog guy myself hehe.

Katrine G
This was a gift for my son who liked it ve...

This was a gift for my son who liked it very much. Meets his needs perfectly and looks great.