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Meta Quest Beat Saber Grips - Multipurpose grip/extension system!

Meta Quest Beat Saber Grips - Multipurpose grip/extension system!

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Grips AND Pole?
This is the world's greatest Beat Saber/Multipurpose grip system for the Meta Quest (If I do say so myself lol)! The grips used individually will take your Beat Saber game to a whole new level, feels like you're really holding actual sabers. Add the center extension pole and you can start playing Darth Maul mode like never before. Works on both the Quest 1 and 2.

I spent nearly 100 hours perfecting the design. The printed screw ends are printed solidly and then I added a 1.5" long steel screw in the center for reinforcement. I've tried and I can't break the controller grips off the center pole (I can cause damage and bend them, but only using force you'd never use while playing a game). These things are ROCK solid. I've also incorporated a clever lanyard locking system, by attaching the two controller lanyards together with a velcro strap (then that is wrapped again in velcro to the center pole), there's no way the controllers could ever come loose, no matter how hard you play. Likewise, in single grip mode, the lanyards are passed through the grips to use to ensure you don't lose grip while playing single-handedly. Please see the listing images to see how this works.

The individual grips are also fantastic in games like Walkabout mini-golf, TopGolf with Proputt, and with a little practice great in Racket NX (just need to get the feel of sliding the grips up/down in your hand to use the trigger when needed, it's easy though). With golf games, you can add the extension pole to just one controller to give you a longer club feel and more room to swing with two hands.

There's a new Kayak game coming out in December called Kayak VR: Mirage ( and this system will be PERFECT for that game too!!! I can't wait for it! ;-) And I'm sure I'm missing a ton of games these would add to (I'm a huge beat saber fan though and these absolutely rock in that game, I can't imagine playing without them).

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Materials: Pla Pro,Steel Screws,Velcro,Love
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Nolan C
Overall great product and great customer s...

Overall great product and great customer service

Manley W
This is an awesome addition to beat saber...

This is an awesome addition to beat saber and to any other applicable VR games! I can't wait to make this an early Christmas present for a friend!

Verner M
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Ismael L
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Elvera S
Can't wait to try this out!

Can't wait to try this out!