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Xreal AR Air, Air 2 & Air 2 pro Glasses Light Blockers

Xreal AR Air, Air 2 & Air 2 pro Glasses Light Blockers

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Half or Full Blockers?

Tired of seeing your shirt reflecting in your Xreal Air AR Glasses?!? I was too, so I made these!

These are sweet 3D printed light blockers for the Xreal Air AR Glasses (aka Nreal Air AR Glasses). Also fits the Xreal Air 2 AR and AR 2 Pro glasses. Printed in ultra premium soft touch TPU rubber.

There are three versions available. The "Half" Blockers prevent all glare coming from below (the pesky shirt reflection) and also block some side & rear glare and they don't touch your face at all. The "Full" Blockers prevent more glare from the sides and back and create a darker viewing environment for using the glasses outdoors and in brightly lit rooms. Perfect for travel. These do make contact with your face on the sides, but the rubber is soft and you'll quickly get used to the feeling. The Full Blocker with Open Front block the light from below and the side while allowing you to see out the front.  Please look at all the images to get a feel for how they work and fit. Please look at all the images to get a feel for how they work and fit.

Please know these don't block all the light, this is impossible without a full face gasket like you'd see on a VR headset. But I promise you'll like em, makes a MASSIVE improvement!!! ;-)

These Xreal Air AR Glasses light blockers are also incredibly light, the half blockers weigh in at only 13 grams with the full blockers coming in at only 16 grams.

Fully compatible with the RX len inserts and all the different size nose pieces.

These are ONLY compatible with the Nreal/Xreal Air AR, AR 2 and AR 2 Pro Glasses.

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Materials: Spidermaker 75a TPU,Love

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Customer Reviews

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Kristin Reichel
Good quality Little bit too tight though

Good quality
Little bit too tight though

The only thing I would recommend is to mak...

The only thing I would recommend is to make the nose bridge come down slightly more and let the customer modify it as they need. That is pretty much the only place where the light comes in as many others have stated. Other than that, it is worlds better at blocking out light compared to the cover that came with the air 2 pro.

Keep up the good work

Keep up the good work

Amani W
I've been looking for a solution to block...

I've been looking for a solution to block the light from the sides of my Xreal Air 2 Pros without covering the front glass. I really wanted to use the dimming feature built into the glasses without the discomfort of sunlight bouncing into my peripheral vision. TycoTech said they could do it and they delivered! I've spent about 15 hours working outside the last few days without any discomfort!

The print is high quality and the engineering is top notch. I'm thrilled that I can still access the button on the glasses.

The shipping and packaging were perfect as well!

Wishlist items for a future release would include the ability for the cover to somehow fold down to make it easier to transport and made of a translucent material that blocks most, but not all, light.

Keep up the great work!

Kiel R
Item as described . There is a tiny bit of...

Item as described . There is a tiny bit of light seen through the bottom of the nose piece but this won't distract you once the glasses are operational . The item will suffice outside in a plane or in lit areas . I am happy with product.