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NEW Meta Quest 2 and Quest 3 Rifle Stock. Tournament Style - What the Pros Use!

NEW Meta Quest 2 and Quest 3 Rifle Stock. Tournament Style - What the Pros Use!

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BRAND NEW DESIGN! By far the best Meta Quest 2 Stock I've seen or used so far! No more controller tracking issues, potential damage to the tracking rings, can use scoped weapons without the headset hitting the stock - massive improvement to the other designs available. The stock under the controller is the style professional tournament players use - and for a reason! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using a sling!!!! Prevents drops (and breaks) and makes it much easier to use in-game. 

The controller mounts also double as pistol grips for individual pistol use!!! It may look different, but I promise, it works better than any other model available. ;-)

This is a 3D-printed Oculus Quest 2 rifle stock for the (new touch controllers), NOT compatible with the Quest 1.

Highest quality 3D printed stock available on Etsy with 100lbs pull magnets for a secure hold (but easily removed at an angle for reloads, etc), real steel piping, improved butt design (contoured for comfort), Ambidextrous design works great righty or lefty!

Optional Sling and Custom Display Stand available!

With controllers, the Oculus Quest 2 gun stock weighs over 2 pounds and is a "Blast" to play with ;-) Simply put, this is the most robust and secure stock for the Oculus Touch controllers you'll find (check the video to see it in action, it's super-secure yet easy to use).

This is the PERFECT rifle stock for Onward and Pavlov!!!

Please note this is only a toy for use with the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality video game system.

The rifle stocks are printed and produced to order, please allow 3-5 days for production.

Please Note: Orders shipped via USPS Priority Mail Express may be shipped via UPS 2nd Day Air, it's about the same costs and UPS is generally more reliable with quick shipping like this.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: international postal services can take awhile using standard shipping, orders delayed, or lost in international mail will NOT be refunded. While I've yet to have any international orders totally lost, some have experienced serious delays in transit. Please order at your own risk. If you want it quick please use Priority Shipping.

Materials: Steel Piping,Neodymium Magnets,PLA PLUS Premium Filament,Love

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Customer Reviews

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Alena H
This was a birthday present for my son and...

This was a birthday present for my son and the seller was super helpful and made sure it arrived on time!! My son is super happy with the item and says it works really well! He likes that the controllers can easily detach quickly to “reload” and the strap makes it easy to hold while playing. Two thumbs up from him!

Kayden G
Really nice product! Is there any way to...

Really nice product!

Is there any way to make the magnets slightly stronger? Sometimes when holding on with one hand and doing no other movements the other handle will come off from its hold, dropping it.

The sling is a big help and there is some muscle memory to learn with the product but from plain testing it, it could use a slightly stronger magnet.

I could be using the product completely wrong and that's why it's acting like this as well!

Porter F
Very sturdy, easy to put together and look...

Very sturdy, easy to put together and looks cool af.
The only thing preventing it from being 5 star is that it has sharp edges all around, you'll have to file it down a little smoother yourself.

Mervin J
Awesome craftsmanship! It sure does make V...

Awesome craftsmanship! It sure does make VR shooters a lot easier once you get used to it.

Jarrell R
I love it! It's light, very sturdy, and th...

I love it! It's light, very sturdy, and the bottom controller magnets are so convenient for moving the controllers freely when needed.
You will need a shoulder strap if you don't have one already. It makes the difference.