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Meta Quest Pro Battery Mount

Meta Quest Pro Battery Mount

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With or WITHOUT top comfort strap?

This is a versatile and light weight Quest Pro battery mount.

It will fit most batteries up to 1" thick. The battery shown in the images is the RavPower 10,000mAh 20w PD battery also sold under the HenHot brand name ( This battery will charge the Quest pro while in use and provide a net charge when face/eye tracking are off, with these features on the headset will very slowly drain - either way it adds about 3-4 hours of extra tame. This is my preferred battery as it's inexpensive and the perfect size (I also use these batteries on my Quest 2 and Pico 4., I have like 5 them lol). Batteries with over 25W output will always provide a net charge but you can expect them to be larger/heavier/more expensive. For a larger battery I'd recommend the 20,000mAh 65w version (, it's a perfect fit and a really good value for the price.

The mount has rubber on the back to prevent any scratching of the head strap and it keeps the mount in place and prevent any slipping. Inside, there is also rubber on the bottom to keep the battery from slipping. When the velcro is pulled tight everything is super snug and doesn't budge even with a lot of head movement.

For batteries over 1" thick please contact me as I can make custom mounts to perfectly fit your desired battery.

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Customer Reviews

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Ophelia K
The battery mod itself is sturdy and well...

The battery mod itself is sturdy and well made. Everything fits just right! Definitely a must need for Quest pro users to prolong the wireless playtime hours!

I haven't tested myself yet as due to my own error as my power bank was too chunky and it was weighting my head down. Definitely excited to try it fully once my new one arrives! I am rating so far 10 out 5 stars!

Derrick K
Ty is a master craftsman & a pure genius w...

Ty is a master craftsman & a pure genius with his add-ons! Seriously the add-ons he offers are not only high quality, it's the kind of add-ons you find yourself thinking 'why didn't the company design the product like this to begin with? 🤦‍♂️'. Ty's add-ons make an awesome product into a superior product & life much easier! I've bought lots of stuff from Ty & have encouraged others to do so as well. As a person Ty is a great guy! He's honest, professional, extremely friendly & does everything possible to ensure you are happy. Another rare quality Ty has that most other creators don't, if you have feedback on a way to improve upon Ty's add-ons, he welcomes the feedback! I've always gotten immediate responses from him & everything I've ever gotten has been solid & clean. You won't regret using Ty to make the product perfect!

Lucius W
Great printing, and incredibly useful part...

Great printing, and incredibly useful part and service from the seller who went above an beyond. Thank you so much!

Verner M
Quality custom product from a professional...

Quality custom product from a professional within the industry. No issues, and will remain fixed to my quest pro for months on end! Keep up the great work!! Additionally, customer service was great and addressed all needs and future innovations to come!

Burley S
Great rear-mounted battery mod for the Que...

Great rear-mounted battery mod for the Quest Pro - I bought the recommended battery pack from Amazon. The tiny bit of extra weight on the back is great for improved balance, and it is nice to eliminate battery anxiety.