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Meta Quest 3 and Quest Pro Table Tennis Adapters

Meta Quest 3 and Quest Pro Table Tennis Adapters

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Quest 3 or Pro? Handedness? Wrapped?
Primary color
Introducing the Tyco Tech 3D printed Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro Table Tennis Adapters (aka Meta Quest 3 Ping Pong Paddle - Meta Quest Pro Ping Pong Paddle).

Grip wrap is available too for an ultra secure grip! Please note grips wrap will always be black.

They've been meticulously designed to be strong and yet lightweight (Quest 3 is only 183 grams and Quest Pro is 221 grams with controllers, + 4 grams with a grip wrap), I could make the adapters lighter, but that would sacrifice on strength and durability, and any adapter that's 3D printed and lighter simply can't be that strong.

The controller is positioned to provide the maximum tracking possible keeping the front of the controller facing the headset, and during those hard front-hand shots the LED tracking light on the controller grips stays in view of the headset. The controller is also position to have a great center of gravity with the main mass at the base of the paddle "blade" and centered on the paddle grip.

The Controller is held in SUPER securely with ZERO wiggle at all. I add a thin layer of automotive grade silicone rubber to add grip and prevent controller stuffs (I believe this is the only Quest Table Tennis Adapter to offer this). These adapters were designed using HD 3D scans of the controllers to ensure a perfect glove like fit.

Uses metal hardware to secure the controller, but I made sure it was as minimum as possible, making it ultra secure and light at the same time. Just 2 small screws and 2 small bolts, the rest is 3D printed at 10% infill with 4 walls/perimeters. This results in a paddle that is lightweight and still extremely strong.

Eleven Table Tennis downloadable preset will be available soon (working with the Devs on that now, couple more days till they get it implemented)!

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Materials: PLA Pro,Steel Hardware,Love
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Would recommend to anyone, feels super stu...

Would recommend to anyone, feels super sturdy