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Meta Quest 3/2 Stock - compact style! Stable controllers = more accurate shots!

Meta Quest 3/2 Stock - compact style! Stable controllers = more accurate shots!

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This is a fantastic mini-style Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest 2 rifle stock. It's compact and portable and is sure to take your shooting game to the next level. The key element to accurate aiming is having stable and connected hands (so there's no drift, it's hard to keep your hands perfectly stable out in front of you while free holding). This mini stock solves this issue while being lighter than full-sized stocks and more portable. The controller grips attach to the 10" steel pipe core of the body using 100lbs-pull magnets. Strong hold, yet easy to remove to reload, etc by simply angling the grips forward or backward (the power of leverage 😉). The grips also double as pistol grips for use individually when you use pistols in-game!

The sling is an add-on, and I HIGHLY recommend it. Let you easily drop the stock and use your hands individually when needed and then quickly revert back to stock mode 😉.

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Materials: Pla Plus,10 Inch Steel Pipe,100lbs pull Neodymium Magnets

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Customer Reviews

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Garett W
Item has Typical 3D printing quality, whil...

Item has Typical 3D printing quality, while not perfect it's acceptable with rough finishing, easily touched up with minimum sanding. I noticed alignment with guns in games was off as mentioned in other reviews. Seller informed me that this may be fixed within in-game settings. Some adjustability on the base of the connection would make it perfect. I had to file off some material on the base of 2 handle units in order to allow the magnets to set down on the bare metal tube. When delivered there was too much material on the bottom which made the magnetic connection too weak for the system to be useful as the magnets were suspended close to the metal but did not connect.
Seller is responsive and helpful and even gave me a partial refund. The item is not perfect but I liked it enough to keep it anyways and modify it to my liking!

Jerald S
Awesome seller! Very communicative and und...

Awesome seller! Very communicative and understanding when I made a mistake on the address.

Judd E
Works perfectly, only complaint is the con...

Works perfectly, only complaint is the controller casings can slide off during use. Perhaps a new design that connects to the battery door slot so there's no way for it to disconnect unless you hit the battery door button?

Sylvester S
Works great and allows you to use both han...

Works great and allows you to use both hands separately

Phyllis K
Love TycoTech's products. I've always thou...

Love TycoTech's products. I've always thought they were very innovative and well thought out and well refined. They're all 3D printed but still good quality and with good QC. They differentiate themselves from the other products out there though sometimes they're slightly higher priced than the competitors. He provides very good service.