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HP Reverb G2 Hotas (Flight Stick System with Throttle)!

HP Reverb G2 Hotas (Flight Stick System with Throttle)!

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This is the ULTIMATE Reverb G2 HOTAS (Flight Stick System)! Gives you the same feeling as using a high-end HOTAS! Fully spring-loaded Flight stick returns to center when released just like the real deal and the linear throttle works just like the real deal too. 😉 This is hands down the best flight stick system available for the HP Reverb G2.

Users can adjust the tension by adding or removing the elastic bands, 8-20 bands per anchor, and I include plenty of extras (a lifetime of replacements can be purchased at your local hobby shop for just a couple of bucks if ever needed).

The Throttle uses a steel bolt and nut and offers an adjustable and very smooth action. Resistance can be changed to user preference by simply tightening or loosening the bolt.

Star Wars Squadrons doesn't support the Meta Touch controllers and won't work with this HOTAS :-(

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Customer Reviews

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Candida R
Seller was very helpful! I purchased the...

Seller was very helpful! I purchased the wrong sticks and he worked with me to get me what I needed for my son to be able to play the game he wanted to play! Great and swift responses, highly recommend doing business!

Durward S
great service , work well

great service , work well

Stefan C
Good quality 3d printed in which your VR c...

Good quality 3d printed in which your VR controllers slot right in with a tight fit.
The magnet ball joint and bands of the joystick is a smooth system that works well and the throttle is good.
The whole thing makes it looks similar enough to a hotas that works in VR. The base is very light but has slots to mount it to a desk or heavier mount so it doesn't move about.

Really happy with the VR hotas, easy to assemble, plenty of spare band included, looks the part and works well within the games. Awesome!!!

Doris L
These are so awesome. G2 controllers are b...

These are so awesome. G2 controllers are buggy at best. I love fightsims that involve helos. They work so well stabilizing my controllers.

Thest are very well made and turn a once unplayable game for me to hours of fun..Thank you!!

Carson B
The product works exactly as advertised an...

The product works exactly as advertised and has increased my ability to fly accurately with my Reverb G2 in VTOL VR. That being said, since the grips themselves are manufactured such to produce a firm grip around the wands, you can often find yourself pulling hard enough to disengage the magnet, which makes operating the various functions in-game quite difficult if you keep the tension bands attached for the joystick hand. I suppose that should be expected, however because I've had to file down some of the internal printing of the right hand in order to allow it to slide out more easily when needed, I'm rating 4 stars. Otherwise, the speed of delivery, communication from the seller, and overall quality of the item itself were top tier.