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Apple Vision Pro Dual Knit HeadBand Adapter System

Apple Vision Pro Dual Knit HeadBand Adapter System

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Tab Connection or Slide-On Style?


1st off, My design is unique in that it has a swivel connection for the top strap allowing the wearer to adjust it forward/backward as needed to achieve a perfect fit. AND, it will actually provide full support on the top of your head. The reason it drops down like it does is because if the strap tab holes are even (or at all above) the headset arms, even with a small knit strap, you can't get a tight fit unless you have a VERY large head, or have it tilted way back on your head (I tried that design style when prototyping and it just didn't work well. Might look a little cooler, but it doesn't work).

There are TWO options. The first option is, the "Tab Connection" version that is a friction fit on the metal tabs of the headset arms (the tabs the straps attach to), this mount doesn't touch the silicone at all, but can be a little more fickle than option Two, the "Slide-On" style. The Slide on style is a little easier to use, but over time I can't say if the plastic rubbing on the silicone arms of the headset will start to wear the silicone. I'm using the Slide-On style personally and so far it's fine, but over the course of months/years, the Tab Connection version is guaranteed to not wear the arms at all.

The adapters are very light and unobtrusive, next to no added weight and keeping the very cool "Apple Vision Pro" stock look. I recommend you use the same size strap for the top as you use for the back.

I offer every color under the sun to match your individual style to make your Apple Vision Pro uniquely yours 😎

Please bear in mind these are 3D printed parts and due to the 3D printing process there can be some minor blemishes. I will never ship a print that it messed up, but there can sometimes be small artifacts from the printing process. I 1000% stand by my work though (and my reviews show this), if you have any issues please reach out to me and I'll go above and beyond to help.

Please Note: Orders shipped via USPS Priority Mail Express may be shipped via UPS 2nd Day Air, it's about the same costs and UPS is generally more reliable with quick shipping like this.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: international postal services can take awhile using standard shipping, orders delayed, or lost in international mail will NOT be refunded. While I've yet to have any international orders totally lost, some have experienced serious delays in transit. Please order at your own risk. If you want it quick please use Priority Shipping.

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Customer Reviews

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Fletcher S
Excellent adapter with high flexibility. I...

Excellent adapter with high flexibility. I've tried nearly all the custom strap adapters. This is my current favorite.

Cristobal C
It works just as expected. Only slipped of...

It works just as expected. Only slipped off once.

Mohamed B
With all the logistics involved, the items...

With all the logistics involved, the items did come in a reasonable amount of time. I had to go back to the website to figure out how to attach it to my AVP, but was easy to figure out. Everything just snapped into place (fit like a glove).

Scot C
great addition to the AVP

great addition to the AVP

Dock W
Great product worked perfect for me

Great product worked perfect for me