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Apple Vision Pro Comfort System (No Tools Needed!)

Apple Vision Pro Comfort System (No Tools Needed!)

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Basic, Dual Knit or BoboVR Kits? Extra Pad?
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This is the ULTIMATE comfort mod for your Apple Vision Pro! Use it without the light seal for an open experience that is far less isolating and brings AR/MR content to a new level OR use it with the light seal for immersive content consumption without the face smashing pressure of using the light seal alone. Either way, this is a ZILLION times more comfortable than the stock setup.

The latest and final version is completely tool-less and doesn't require the arms of the Vision pro to be removed to install. Literally takes less than 10 seconds to install or remove. 

The kit includes the forehead pad, standard arm mounts and XL arm mounts (for different sized heads), and locking clips to keep the pad from slipping forward (most people won't need these, but they're included just in case it). This kit fits any head size perfectly. 

Full installation video can be seen here It's VERY intuitive though. 

If you've ever used the Quest Pro you'll know how much better the AR/MR experience is with full peripheral vision. This is also FAR more comfortable since there is ZERO face pressure, it's far less isolating, allows you to get a wider FOV as you can get much closer to the lenses, and no more tunnel vision or the goggle feeling. (Open facial Interface)

I spent weeks on this working out the best possible system. You can adjust the front pad back/forth to adjust the distance to the lenses and the front top pad swivels so you can adjust the angle it rests on your forehead. This allow users to get a perfect pad fit and the perfect eye relief to the lenses.

This system will work with most head straps, although it's not recommended if you're using a BobVR "Halo" style strap. I offer three versions:

1. The "Basic Kit" is the Vision Pro Open Face System, includes the adapters and a soft cloth forehead pad. Can be used with the Solo Knit Strap or Dual Loop Strap that came with your Apple Vision Pro
2. A "Dual Knit" kit with the Vision Pro Open Face System AND adapters to use a 2nd Solo Knit band for the top of your head. Includes my clip on style Adapters from this listing:
3. A "BoboVR M1 Plus Kit" with the with the Vision Pro Open Face System AND adapters to use the BoboVR M1 Plus strap (meant for the quest 2, can get it here: Includes my adapters from this listing:

I offer a ton of colors and everything will be printed in the color selected. Please note the front pad will always be the dark gray as pictured in the photos.

Installation instructions for the BoboVR M1 strap are on that listing: Installation for the Dual Knit setup is super intuitive, no instructions needed.

Please Note: Orders shipped via USPS Priority Mail Express may be shipped via UPS 2nd Day Air, it's about the same costs and UPS is generally more reliable with quick shipping like this.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: international postal services can take awhile using standard shipping, orders delayed, or lost in international mail will NOT be refunded. While I've yet to have any international orders totally lost, some have experienced serious delays in transit. Please order at your own risk. If you want it quick please use Priority Shipping.

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Customer Reviews

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Ronnie R
Good quality product. It works well to tak...

Good quality product. It works well to take pressure off your cheeks. I prefer the dual knit setup best, but this is a good alternative if you want to remove the light seal. I didn't find removing the light seal to be a major improvement and I prefer the immersive feel.

Thank you, it is perfect!

Thank you, it is perfect!

The seller was super helpful. He was quick...

The seller was super helpful. He was quick to reply. Highly recommend this. Items showed up exactly as expected.

I️ love my open faced system and having an...

I️ love my open faced system and having an extra pad is great!

Terrill S
I really like this headset mount. It makes...

I really like this headset mount. It makes the Vision Pro way more comfortable. I highly recommend it. It removes all pressure from your face. You can make it so it doesn't even touch your face.